Bizjet Mobile:

The next generation of communication for your aircraft, phone, email, and text.

  • The portable application that does
    not require grounding of your aircraft
    for weeks for the installation of wifi.
    Our simple plug and play hardware
    and software combination will have
    you texting and emailing in minutes
    on your private aircraft.

User Friendly


Our portable unit needs power, data port, and a Iridium phone that coupled with our award winning technical support will have you texting and emailing in no time.

In The Box


100% Guaranteed delivery of your messages while using our system onboard your aircraft. Departing? Arriving? it doesn't matter our servers will forward all your correspondence to your designated email.

Cost Effective


We are offering our bundled package including the necessary hardware, software, a personalized iPad, and one free download of our app from the App Store for just $35K and $799 per month for unlimited text and emails.

BizjetMobile Packages

The BizjetMobile system disperses a Bluetooth signal throughout the aircraft which allows passengers to connect directly to the Iridium Satellite Network. The BizjetMobile app is simply downloaded from the Apple App Store and integrates with all contacts on your iPhone or iPad. From that point you are now able to send and receive SMS, e-mails and phone calls anywhere in the world. These are the packages offered:



The BizjetMobile Lite Package is an SMS only system. Passengers and crew simply download our free BizjetMobile Lite app form the Apple App store and are free to send and receive SMS from anywhere in the world.



The BizjetMobile Premium Package acts as a SMS/E-mail platform, but additionally adds a brand new Iridium Phone system with the latest generation Iridium Transceiver. A perfect replacement for previous/current Magnastar users.



The BizjetMobile Full (Executive) Package supports the SMS feature plus e-mail capabilities including Check Mail. We all know the main reason that everyone wants wi-fi on their aircraft is to check their inbox; now you have that capability for a fraction of the cost of Wi-fi.

The team

Meet the people behind our company

Thomas Linn


Managing Member

General aviation industry veteran and serial entrepreneur. Mr. Linn is the founder and chairman of a FAA Part 135 Worldwide air carrier with 15 years of accident free flying. Mr. Linn is also the managing member in a Spanish textile company, a boutique home development company, and is a partner in a food and beverage company.

Dan Rich


Managing Member

With over 9 years of sales experience in the private aviation industry, Dan Rich has become a jack of all trades. From setting up international charters from Zimbabwe to Chicago or helping a client purchase a Falcon 2000, he has seen it all. Besides private aviation he enjoys cooking and recently just finished his first feature length screenplay.

Adam Kovacevich


Private Pilot

Aviation enthusiast and licensed Private Pilot, Adam has been raised with an aviation background and the thrill of flight in his blood. Adam's studies at Western Michigan University: College of Aviation and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University has led him to many years in aviation sales, project management and marketing; with specific background in aerospace satellite communication.

About us

About us

Revolutionary air-to-ground
communication solutions utilizing
Bluetooth and Apple technologies.
Our Products allow for SMS text
messages and SMS e-mails on-board
your private aircraft.

Our Headquarters

Our Headquarters

100 Easy Street #3706
Carefree, AZ 85377

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